The muzzle that fits Labrador excellently doesn’t fit Bullmastiff absolutely and this one will be too big for Spaniel. But producers take care of giving you an opportunity to choose every doggy.

The muzzles differ in material and design.

Fabric Dog Muzzle

Fabric Dog Muzzle. Muzzles made of fabric are the cheapest and elementary dog muzzles, the aim of which is not to secure people against your pet’s teeth but to keep the law in fact. Such muzzles usually fasten with a clip behind dog’s ears and the diameter is regulated with a wide Velcro closure under the lower jaw. A fabric muzzle only suits to puppies, absolutely non­aggressive dogs, visiting vet with them.


A wide range of sizes and shapes, you can choose an accessory for any doggy from Chihuahua to Caucasian Shepherd.

It is easy to wash, it dries quickly. It is light­weighted, almost weightless.

It is not expensive.


It is not reliable, a dog can easily put it off or unfasten with its paw. It doesn’t prevent picking up things from the ground.

It prevents opening the mouth for breathing that’s why it doesn’t suit to wear in summer heat.

Leather Dog Muzzle

Dog muzzles made of leather can be closed (like on bears at circus) or made of thick leather straps arranged in the shape of a

basket. Leather dog muzzles look effective, restrict dog’s teeth rather securely. Their value is rather high, especially if we are talking about hand­made dog equipment by great craftsmen. You shouldn’t keep a dog in a closed dog

muzzle for a long time, because its design doesn’t let your pet open its mouth normally, put out its tongue for heat

exchange. Basket dog muzzles are less strict and better ventilated.


It is rather reliable.

It is beautiful.

It is affordable.

It is rather time­proof.


Basket models don’t preserve their

shape. Leather becomes spoiled as time goes by: it absorbs dog’s saliva, soaks, becomes tough and cracked while dries out. Bad processed leather covered with low grade paints can cause allergenic reactions and irritation.

Metal Dog Muzzle

A metal dog muzzle is the most popular and practical type designed in shape of thick wire basket. Such a muzzle touches a dog only on the dorsum of the nose. There is special leather or felt padding on this area. A basket with much space allows a dog to open its mouth, put out its tongue when it is necessary, breathe freely, bark, get a treat through a cage. There is a wide selection of dog muzzles for Labrador, Retriever and middle sized dogs at our store. You can buy a metal dog muzzle allowing to bark and drink water for everyday activities. Or more light­weighted leather dog muzzle. There are also wire dog muzzles and rubberized dog muzzles for Winter and Summer.