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  • This nylon lead for Labrador will enjoy you, because of the classical design and perfect functionality. It is made of top qualitative nylon with long-lasting metal elements. The model is comfortable, stylish and practical. You can apply it for walks, dog training and sport.

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  • The good dog owner looks for qualitative and beautiful accessories for his beloved dog. So is this dog lead made of nylon for Labrador. Ist is strong, practical and very stylish. The nylon material is of top notch quality and the metal hardware is long-lasting, non-rusting and safe. The padding of nappa leather is pleasant by the handle. Give the comfort...

    22,50 €
  • This qualitative dog lead made of nylon for Labrador fits for different kinds of activity. The model is equipped with strong and long-lasting nylon with the help of hand-sewed coat threads and with brass snap and handle loop. It bring comfort to the dog and to you. This is a perfect leash for your beloved pet!

    15,50 €
  • Beautiful, flashy and handy dog nylon lead for Labrador is just what you're looking for. The product consists of a collar and a dog lead together and is equipped with strong and durable elements. This model can be used for walks, sports, dressage and training. It is strong and comfortable, therefore the weight of the large dog will be withstood.

    15,50 €
  • Safe and high-quality model of nylon dog lead for Labrador will definitely please you. It is hand-sewn from thick nylon with the help of sheath threads, equipped with two snaps and three rings made of brass. The product fits to every weather. You can safely use it for dressage, runouts, work, training and tracking.

    23,90 €
  • This dog lead of nylon for Labrador is made of strong and high-quality nylon rope and is hand sewn with sheath threads. The additional strength and comfort are added to the product by the inserts of leather and brass snap. This accessory is durable and practical. It will give comfort and safety for you and your dog. Enjoy your favorite accessory and...

    15,50 €
  • Unique quality dog lead made of nylon for Labrador has a beautiful design and bright color combination. Due to the strong nylon fabric and sheath threads, the product is particularly practical and durable. You will personally appreciate the quality of this dog lead. Moreover, the accessory is comfortable and will not create any dyscomfort to you and your...

    23,90 €
  • Beautiful and practical nylon dog lead for Labrador will please you thanks to beautiful quality and great design. The accessory is hand-sewn from two-layer nylon with the help of sheath threads and equipped with a brass snap. There is a ring on the handle to change the length of the product. This dog lead is very convenient and easy to use.

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  • This nylon dog lead for Labrador will meet your expectations. The accessory is handmade of strong nylon with the help of sheath threads and equipped with a comfortable handle with artificial leather lining. There is also a steel snap and special buckle, which is placed in a velcro pocket.

    17,90 €
  • This model of the nylon dog training lead for Labrador has wonderful characteristics. Apart from perfect practical advantages, this model also has marvellous quality. The product is made of solid nylon, sewn with sheath threads and equipped with a strong plastic buckle. The snap is made of brass and is very reliable.

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