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  • Strong leather basket dog muzzle for Labrador training and work. Handmade. Super ventilated. Very comfortable. Metal plate covered with leather in the front part. Stitched and reliably riveted. Felt-lined nose area. Adjustable straps. Supported with leather at each side. Absolutely safe for the dog.

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  • Light-weighted and well-ventilated soft leather dog muzzle for Labrador walking, training and socializing. Well-processed natural leather. Careful stitching and riveting. Regulated leather straps. Quick-release buckle (optional). Felt-lined nose area. The best Labrador muzzle for daily activities!

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  • Reliable and comfortable muzzle for Labrador walking, training. Handmade from selected leather. Don't rub or wear into the dog's skin. Nose area is felt padded. Prevents picking up from the ground. Well ventilated. Adjustable leather straps. Removable strap between eyes. Metal plate covered with leather in the front part. Robust construction.

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  • Comfortable, well ventilated and functional leather dog muzzle for Labrador. Made of thick and well-oiled natural leather. Convenient construction. Adjustable straps. Your Lab won't rub its nose because of felt lining on this area. Safe and non-toxic Labrador muzzle for walking, training and work.

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  • Light-weighted and comfy Labrador muzzle for daily use. Suitable for frosty weather. Combo of leather and nylon. Stitched with reinforced thread and riveted. Leather strap will help to regulate the size and to fix the muzzle on Labrador's head reliably. Good ventilation allows wearing the muzzle for a long time. No discomfort.

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  • Leather dog muzzle of classic design and durable construction. Metal plate in the front part reinforces the muzzle and keeps its shape. Felt padding saves nose from rubbing. Regulated straps will help to fit the muzzle size and to fix it securely on Lab's head. Numerous holes provide good airflow. Your Lab can run and work being muzzled.

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  • Super durable muzzle for working Labrador. Made of high-quality thick leather. Keeps its shape perfectly. Riveted and stitched. Metal plate in the front part. Good airflow. Lab will breathe freely, open its mouth and lick nose being muzzled. Straps and buckles are for secure muzzle fixing. Ideal muzzle for service work.

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  • Thought out to the last detail leather dog muzzle for Labrador training, walking and work! Handcrafted of natural leather. Felt lining inside secures from rubbing. Large holes provide super ventilation. The muzzle is fixed with the help of adjustable leather straps. No biting and picking up from the ground.

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  • Unique leather dog muzzle hand painted with flames for Labrador. Special non-toxic and resistant to water paints. Thick leather is stitched and riveted. Felt padding gives additional comfort and prevents nose rubbing. Good airflow. The muzzle is fixed with adjustable leather straps and buckles. Accidental taking off is excluded.

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  • Leather dog muzzle of original design for Labrador. Hand painted. Quality genuine leather. Stitching and riveting. Eco-friendly water-resistant paints. Large holes for good air circulation and free breathing. Felt padded for maximum comfort. No rubbing. Fit the muzzle size and fix it securely with leather straps. Lay emphasis on your Lab!

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  • Labrador muzzle for training and service work. Thick and durable genuine leather. Stitched, riveted, equipped with metal plate in the front part. Felt-lined nose area. Perfect air circulation. Leather straps are adjustable. Enough free space for mouth opening and panting. Prevents from eating from the ground.

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  • Very comfortable, perfectly ventilated and super stylish leather dog muzzle for Labrador. Padded with natural Nappa. Adorned with nickel-plated spikes and brass studs. Inimitable style. Buckle in the bottom part allows regulating the muzzle size. This Labrador muzzle doesn't prevent biting, it's intended for calm dogs!

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